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Oneworld – platform for south east europe (owpsee) is a civil society network in the virtual online space. Still, and most probably forever, after three years of hard, committed and enthusiastic work owpsee continues to have two somewhat parallel identities. First, as in the past, today we are a multilanguage and multimedia platform for civil society organizations in Southeast Europe that want to communicate with a larger public. This means lots of news about actions, campaigns, pressing issues, that members, partners, users feel and want to communicate to the larger audience. Our portal www.oneworldsee.org and all our newer supported platforms use information to enable civil society collaboration and mutual learning in the region. Through a diverse strategy, but with the same aim, our second identity is that of a community and network for/of civil society itself. We provides civil society with knowledge about particular themes, issues and developments, and help CSOs to work together. Capacity building and networking are geared towards these goals.