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The main objective of the project is to support the future enlargement process in Croatia via enhancing the civil society dialogue on relevant issues. That will be achieved through a widespread information campaign which will target both the Istra and Primorsko Goranska counties as a whole. The information campaign will consist in a set of publications, brochures and a final conference which will be developed with the contribution of high school students of the area.
The project will enhance, in selected educational institutions, the debate on EU membership, deepening the understanding and acceptance of EU values and standards among young students. Seminars and workshops will facilitate the dialogue on the EU acquis and in particular in the a. European citizenship, b. environment and food safety issues, c. economical and land property issues, as well as d. the EU opportunities for young people.
The result of the debate will be the creation, in co-operation between the students and the project steering committee, of public campaign material which will address directly the understanding of the benefits and the challenges connected with the enlargement likewise the practical impact that it will have on everyday life of Croatian citizens.
The target of this campaign will be the civil society of both the counties involved: copies of the publication and the brochures will be distributed to the local and national media, to the local NGOs and the Public Administrations as well as organisation representing social and economical players at large and community-based organisations.
Associated media actors will follow the whole preparation and will base TV reports on it which will be shown on air as well as the final conference which will close the project. On the same basis, local NGOs and communities associations will guarantee complete and far-reaching spreading out of information and materials among associates and personal contacts.




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